To initiate private aircraft charter services you call 1 888-828-7672 and tell us where you want to go and when you want to go.

We can depart from Buffalo Lancaster Regional Airport or we can pick you up at an airport closer to you. Tell us what time you want to leave and what time you want

to be at your destination. How many passengers, their names and some form of ID. How much baggage and their approximate weight. 

We can arrange transportation at your destination to take you wherever you need to go, either a car and a driver, or a rental car if necessary. private aircraft charter prices private jet

We can wait for you and bring you home when your mission is accomplished or come back and pick you up another day. 

​We will calculate the distance and estimate the time it will take then provide you with our private aircraft charter prices based upon U$ 700.00 an hour of flight time. Waiting time is usually U$ 40.00 an hour

With a private aircraft charter you able to leave your home, board your aircraft at a time that you chose without the stress of waiting in line and getting patted down by TSA or possibly loosing your baggage. Relax in a comfortable seat and enjoy the scenery to your destination or work on board if you need to.

​If you have other concerns that we can address please ask, we are here to help.

                       1(888)-8AURORA          1(888)-828-7672

Aerostar 601B  N15MH

​​Private Aircraft Charter​ Price: