This Aerostar is a piston powered twin engine aircraft maintained to comply with Federal Aviation Regulations that govern on demand passenger and cargo transportation (FAR PART135). Because it has two engines it also has two, or more, of everything else. This provides a 100% safety margin in almost all circumstances. It is certified to climb and fly up to 30,000 feet, however we seldom go that high and it is always nicer to travel and, at the same time, enjoy the view of our countryside.

If necessary Oxygen masks are available for each occupant.

Noise cancelling headsets with a microphone are provided for each passenger to protect your hearing and provide you with Sirius XM music of your choice, or share your own recordings of music on your MP3 device. Conversation is held in a normal tone of voice and you may also listen to the pilot communicating with air traffic control.

All flights are conducted under Instrument Flight Rules, monitored on radar and in constant radio contact with air traffic control. Safety is our our most important priority. 

 1(888) 8AURORA.

‚Äč 1(888) 828-7672

Safety:   Aircraft  N15MH