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up to 4




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Harrisburg PA  (KMDT)1 Hour$700.00      3 to 4hs$1,772.00
Albany NY  (KALB)1Hour$700.003 to 4hs​​$3,000.00
Hartford CT  (KHFD)1h 10min$816.00

4 to 6hs

Springfield MA  (KBAF)1h 5min$758.00No Service
Providence RI  (KPVD)1h 30min$1,050.0013 to 15hs$2,000.00
Hyanis MA  (KHYA)1h 45min$1,225.006 to 8hs$2,632.00
Marthas Vineyard MA (KMVA)1h 45min$1,225.004hs to 10hs$1,476.00
Nantucket MA  (KMVY)​​​​1h 50min$1,280.003.5 to 8.5hs$1,400.00
East Hamton LI, NY1h 30min$1,050.00No Service
Atlantic City NJ  (KACY)1h 20min$940.00No Service
Ocean city MD  (KSBY)1h 30min$1,050.004 to 6hs$1,416.00

Dayton OH


1h 45min$1,225.003.5 to 4.5hs$1,600.00
Bar Harbour ME  (KBHB)2hs$1,400.008 to 16hs$1,136.00
Norfolk VA  (KORF)1h 45min$1,220.003 to 5hs$1,220.00
Richmond VA  (KRIC)1h 40min$1,166.004 to 10hs$1,400.00
Greensboro NC  (KGSO)2h 10min$1,520.004 to 6hs$1,268.00
Winston Salem NC  (KINT)2h10min$1,520.00No Service
Tri Cities NC  (KTRI)2h 20min$1,630.004.5hs to 12.5hs$3,200.00
Nashville TN  (KBNA)3h 10min$2,216.004 to 7hs$1,552.00
Memphis TN  (KMEM)Memphis TN  (KMEM)4hs$2,800.005 to 7hs$1,208.00
Jackson TN  (KMKL)3hs 40min$2,560.00No Service
Indianapolis IN  (KIND)2hs 10min$1,516.006 to 11hs


Cincinnati OH  (KCVG)2hs$1,4004 to 7hs$1,169.00
Lexington KY  (KLEX)2hs     15 min$1,575.005hs to 13hs$1,996.00
Louisville KY  (KSDF)



$1,633.00 3.5hs to7hs


 Milwaukee WI 


1h 15min$875.00


to hs7


This Table shows the difference between: Aurora Aviation Private Aircraft Charter and the Commercial Airlines. The Time En-Route (ETE) and cost for a sample of destinations.

Note that the price for Aurora Aviation is for flight time and doesn't change if we carry up to four Passengers.

Essentially we can get you to your destination faster, with less hassle and for less $$$ than the Airlines. 

The flight time for Aurora Aviation is taken from Foreflight calculations and may vary. The price quoted for the Airlines is taken from Expedia in February 2018

 ​​​Compare time and price: Aurora Aviation vs Commercial Airlines 

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